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    Updated WHO SOP’s for Insecticide Resistance Testing 

    13 March 2022

    Updated WHO SOP’s for Insecticide Resistance Testing 

    WHO has published its new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for monitoring insecticide resistance in Anopheles, Aedes and Culex mosquito vectors: https://www.who.int/teams/global-malaria-programme/prevention/vector-control/insecticide-resistance

    The five SOPs describe:

    1. the new WHO bottle bioassay for monitoring resistance to Clothianidin, Transfluthrin, Metofluthrin, Prallentin, Flupyradifurone and Chlorfenapyr
    2. a new procedure to monitor resistance to pyriproxyfen
    3. the WHO tube test
    4. the impregnation of filter papers for WHO tube test
    5. the WHO tube test to determine the ability of PBO to restore mosquito susceptibility to pyrethroids.

    A new document describing WHO guiding principles to plan and monitor insecticide resistance in disease vectors will soon be published on the same link. The document will provide guidance on how to plan resistance testing, how to ensure that a representative sample of mosquitoes is tested, how to use resistance monitoring data to inform programmatic decisions and it will lay out research gaps to guide global efforts towards improving the monitoring of insecticide resistance and global understanding of this major threat to malaria control.