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    About the position

    The Faculty of Science and Technology at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) has a vacant Project Management Officer position. The position is 80% for 5 years or 100% for 4 years. The position is vacant from approximately 01.01.2023.

    Project title: Pandemic literacy and viral zoonotic spillover risk at the frontline of disease emergence in Southeast Asia to improve pandemic preparedness, which runs from 2023-2027 (5 years).

    The PANDASIA project is a collaboration between 10 partners located in Norway (2 partners), Sweden (1), Germany (2), the UK (1) and Thailand (4). NMBU is the project coordinator. The research group has wide research and scientific experience ranging from zoonotic diseases, social sciences, anthropology, zoology, virology, molecular biology, medical entomology, climate change, statistics, mathematical modelling, and communication science. The main objective of PANDASIA is to investigate potential pandemic drivers along nature-rural-urban gradients through a comprehensive collection of social and biological data and predictive modelling of zoonotic spillover rates and disease emergence in high-risk settings in Thailand. The project will contribute to a better understanding of pathogens, their transmission, interactions with humans, animals, and the environment; and provide evidence-based tools and medical countermeasures for improved public health.

    The post provides an opportunity for an experienced, motivated, and well-organised individual to join an interesting and important project with a highly qualified international team of scientists. The officer is expected to participate in international travels related to the project.

    The successful candidate will be a core member of the PANDASIA team, providing administrative support and executive assistance in the delivery of this exciting project. Main workplace is in Ås, Norway (30 km south of Oslo), but with potential for rotations between partners if needed or practical.

    Main tasks

    The successful candidate will work directly with a project funded by the European Commission Horizon Europe programme.

    Main tasks of the incumbent:

    • Managing the effective communication and cooperation among PANDASIA beneficiaries and with the European Commission for administrative and financial issues
    • Responsible for Work Package 7 on Project Coordination and Management with other staff at NMBU and the project leader.
    • Overseeing adherence to the deadlines for reporting, meetings, and other deliverables as agreed with the Commission.
    • Assisting with collection, consolidation and review of the deliverable reports and contributions for the progress and financial reports
    • Preparing for, arranging, and reporting from meetings
    • Engaging with, and managing support towards Work Package leaders on logistical, administrative, and financial matters
    • Liaising with Head of Administration for necessary administrative and financial services and consultations on important administrative and financial matters
    • Liaising with the NMBU central administration (Research and Innovation Department) on technical, legal, and financial aspects that may affect the Project
    • Liaising with the EU Commission’s Grants office for all administrative and financial related matters on the project
    • Assisting with identifying and mitigating risks perceived to impact project performance or quality
    • Assisting with the continued development of the project Data Management Plan and project ethics requirements

    The successful candidate will work closely with the Project Coordinator, Dr Hans J. Overgaard.